Trying a new Yoga Studio

As a teacher your own yoga practice is so important. I’ve done lots of online classes throughout lockdown, live and pre-recorded, but was really pleased when studios opened up to again so we could start to build up that sense of community again. 

I’ve attended classes at many studios across the UK. From The House of Yoga in Putney, Another Space in Covent Garden, Soul Sanctuary in Worcester and even more gym based classes at Virgin Active. I’m still in the habit of practicing at home but wanted to try something new. 

I decided to try out YogaHaven. YogaHaven have several studios across the UK and I’d heard good things. Nowadays, my practice is super chilled and soft. I’ve gone off Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga isn’t currently for me and I have a newfound love of Yin Yoga after my teacher training and truly learning the benefits (more on that soon!) 

YogaHaven is a hot yoga studio that offers a variety of classes but typically offers sweaty Vinyasa classes in more of a Yang style. I looked on the schedule and saw they had a Friday evening ‘Warm Yin and Yoga Nidra’ class – BLISS! So I booked on.

The class wasn’t what I expected in terms of style – I thought it would be VERY relaxing and calm and it actually had quite a few Yang elements in it. Many people in the class seemed to enjoyed this blend but it wasn’t what I was looking for on my Friday evening when I was pretty emotionally exhausted. Maybe if I’d been in a better headspace and had more energy I would’ve loved it. No class can suit everyone, so I guess my hunt for a local studio with a more chilled out Yin class continues!

Tips on finding a new studio:

  • Do a google search of ‘Yoga studios near me’
  • Have a look on the website and see what kind of classes they offer.
  • Have a look at reviews and see if it sounds like your cup of tea!
  • Book yourself in and make sure you know what you need. Maybe they need you to bring your own mat or props. If it’s yin, maybe you need a bolster for maximum benefit. 
  • Try the ‘drop-in class’ option or even an ‘introductory offer.’
  • Get there early so you feel settled and have time to park, check-in and roll out your mat. 
  • ENJOY! I know it can be nerve-wracking trying somewhere new with people you don’t know. But you may have just found your new forever-studio!
Good luck!


1 thought on “Trying a new Yoga Studio”

  1. Hey Rosie, it’s amazing how your yoga practice changes isn’t it. So interesting hearing how yours has changed quite dramatically but beautiful that yoga has so much to offer.

    Mine has changed too due to dealing with a few health issues, I’ve had to really slow down. But yoga has helped me do that, I’ve used meditation and breathwork alot. Love the warm yin and slow vinyasa at zen shed now too. It’s so great to expand your practice.

    Can’t wait to join you on the September retreat, must get a few pennies over to you. Take care and I love watching your journey on social media, have fun, lots of love

    Debs xxx

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