My Yoga Home Essentials

Since living alone I’ve let Yoga influence my home in various ways. Lockdown has made a home practice essential so here’s a few things in my home that aid my practice and are influenced by Yoga and Spirituality.

A Beautiful, Functional, Mat

Okay so being beautiful isn’t a necessity, but it sure helps when you love being on your mat that it fits in with your vibe. My current favourite mat that I recommend to everyone is from Fable. I have the ‘Pro Grip 4mm Studio Yoga Mat.’ It’s super grippy and works a treat. I probably wouldn’t recommend this for travel as it’s quite heavy. It’s perfect for your home practice and looks lovely when it’s rolled out.


If you don’t have a bolster already consider this your sign to get one. Great for meditation, yin yoga, sitting on at the start of your practice and even just using throughout your practice for extra support. Mine is from Shanti Sundays.

Essential oil diffuser/candles

Creating a lovely space for a home practice is vital. I do this by either lighting scented candles or putting on my essential oil diffuser. Now that the seasons are changing I’m using the beautiful ‘Winter’ scent from The White Company. It’s available in both the essential oil and pillar candle. Trust me, you’ll love it.


Crystals are a great way to help set your intention for your practice by placing them at the top of your mat. Try Amethyst for confidence and stress reduction, Rose Quartz for self-connection and love or Citrine for joy and creativity. I like to have my crystals on display near my mat!


Lighting is so key because it really helps set the mood. No one wants to practice yoga in clinical, bright white light. If the sun’s gone down already, grab a lamp and turn off the main light. You can even use only candles to light up the room with a warm glow.


Finally, I love using a beautiful playlist to practice to. Try this one of mine on Spotify!

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