200hr Yoga Teacher Training

My 200hr Teacher Training was actually life changing. I honestly would recommend a TT to anyone who is interested in yoga. It teaches you so much about the Yoga principles and history of yoga, philosophy, spirituality and also covers so much personal development which really made me take a step back and reevaluate my priorities and where my energy was going. Even if you don’t end up wanting to teach at the end of it (although chances are you will because you work so hard to learn everything that goes into being a great teacher and feel so inspired by the end of it) you will come out feeling like a different person.

The course started off in the studio at The House of Yoga in Putney, London. I chose this course as one of my absolutely favourite teachers did her training there and recommended it to me, and the dates also fitted in with my life. As much as I would have loved to totally immerse myself for a month abroad, I wanted to keep auditioning for acting roles and I also couldn’t afford to not work for a month at that point. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do a course in Bali or India and have the immersive experience.

This course was eight weekends over six months so I also liked how I would have time in between training weekends to go over what I had learnt and make sure I was prepared for the next one. Because of Covid-19 our course ended up being moved online after a few weekends which wasn’t ideal, but it actually ended up working out so well. Even though nothing compares to being in the studio I’m not currently living in London so every training weekend I would get up at 5am to get the 6am train from Birmingham Intl to Euston then get the train to Putney, but being moved online I could save a lot of money on travel and get a little bit more sleep. It also meant that I wasn’t delaying finishing any later than originally planned. I was so keen to get teaching that the thought of not being able to continue the course until we were allowed back in the studio was really disappointing. Luckily The House of Yoga put an amazing online schedule together and we were able to continue, graduating on the 11th July 2020.

It was so good to have something to focus on during lockdown too, as I wasn’t able to work. The other trainees are such a lovely group of people and the course facilitators are really involved and invested in making us the best instructors we can be, getting to know us all as individuals. We were given a reading list and were set homework after each weekend which involved reading, meditation, watching videos, learning the sequence and journalling. I learnt a lot about myself as well as qualifying as a teacher and I can’t wait to start my teaching journey and run classes, events, workshops and maybe even retreats of my own soon. THOY run two teacher training’s per year starting in January and September and the style you train in is Power Vinyasa, inspired by Baptiste style yoga.

The House of Yoga website: https://thehouseofyoga.co.uk/

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